Potato Pancakes!

Ok so I have a weakness for almost anything that has to do with potato’s so I thought that I would share this. This is a remake on the original recipe it is a little bit easier and a lot less greasy. (So Sorry that I don’t have any pictures.)

Normally when you make them you would grate the actual potato and then fry the batter in oil! Grating the potato takes to long and by the time I finish all of them my batter has turned that lovely brownish/black color when they have been exposed to the air for a long period of time.

So peel your potato’s cut them in small chunks and stick them in your blender, add 1 egg, 1/2 of a chopped medium onion, 1/2 a cup of flour, 1 tsp of garlic powder and 1tsp of baking powder and blend everything together. You will get a thick batter.

6 medium potatos
1/2 onion
1/2 cup of flour
salt and pepper to taste
1 egg
1 tsp garlic powder
1tsp of baking powder

Once your batter is made I pulled out my Griddle! Yes I said it Griddle and no frying or grease. I used a little Pam and sprayed the grille them poured the batter onto. Once you can start to smell them check the bottom and see if they are starting to brown. Once browned flip them over. (sorry I don’t have a time as to how long to cook it I usually go by smell I know odd but it works better for me)

Wala there you have very simple easy and less greasy version. Of Potato pancakes.


Hello Hello Hello

Hello to everyone,

I know things have been a bit crazy lately as always but I have been actively working on some new things to share with everyone. The Lake View has added a new flavor to it’s collection and a few new products on the etsy shop! So I am super happy about that so you can hop right over there and check everything out. TheLakeView


Ok now that that is out of the way here is something super easy that I wanted to share. Do you ever feel like you spend money on dryer sheets and then just have to through them away… Well I have a little secret…..(sssshhhh) But here ya go…. I have done so research and then I have tested this out so I know it works or else I wouldn’t share it. You can REUSE them! yup I said it reuse. Ok so when you resuse them you should use 2 used one to get the job done. But the up side to that is that you are getting a double use so the less that you need buy…. I have been trying to find new ways to save a few dollars I know this isn’t much but when you consider you pay almost $4 a box and then can get a double use what the heck why not give it a try!


Happy Monday All!

Happy Late Thanksgiving!

Good Evening to my fellow readers!

I just wanted to say Happy late Thanksgiving to you all! What a great weekend it was. It was a time for being thankful and being with family which I was able to do quite a bit of this year. Although I was one of those lucky ones who got to work on Thanksgiving. That my friends was one interesting evening if I do say so myself! I hate to say it because I actually kind of enjoyed it.

Here is a random thought for you this is something that I have been thinking about lately. What would happen if we didn’t have any technology. As in no cars, no computers, no video games? What would we do if we had to go back to the days where there were no cars and to get some where you had to ride a horse, and no stores were open on Thursday or Friday? What would people do?

 Just some food for thought!

New Hights

Today many things got accomplished. Which makes me very excited! Why you ask well this year has been a crazy one with obstacles that I thought that I would never have to face. But The Lake View is up and running and I must say in the right direction. It has been a long time coming but new products have been added to my Etsy shop. Yup that is right it’s not just lip balms any more it is crochet goods as well! You can take a look at them by visiting https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheLakeView?ref=si_shop. 

Not only will you find new Items but I will also be taking custom orders as well. So if you see something that interests you please let me know and we can work on making you the perfect hand made item!

Lastly in for the Holiday season under limited quantities we have a new lip balm flavor of “Brown Sugar.”  If you don’t want to order online but live in the area you can always stop down at my favorite spa Nature’s Day Spa in Plainville Ct where you can also pick some up!

Cranberry Sauce

So as we all know I am always up for a new challenge in the kitchen. Lately it has been trying to find foods that I can eat. But last night I made something that will be on our table for Thanksgiving Dinner. That is right Ladies and Gentleman. I have made Home Made Cranberry Sauce!

This summer while visiting my family on Cape Cod my aunt an uncle gave me 4 bags of fresh frozen cranberries from the bog that they live on.(no it isn’t there) but who is going to miss a few cranberries when you have an entire bog. So needless to say I spend all summer trying to figure out what to do with them. Looking up different recipes for jams and nothing really caught my eye. So while talking with the family about what will be served it dawned on my that I could made cranberry sauce. Now this is my husbands favorite part of the dinner where he can eat the whole can but this year he will need to share.

It was a simple process although it would have been a lot better if I owned a food mill but I used a siv and a spoon to take out the seeds and skins. It took a little longer but I am sure it will taste fine just the same. I am sorry that I didn’t take any picture to show you but the recipe was really easy.

      4 1/2 cups of cranberries

       1 3/4 cup of water

       2cups of sugar

I placed the cranberries and a large stainless steal pan and the 1 3/4 cup of water then brought them to a boil until the skins split. once they split I let them sit for about 5 minutes then put them in my ninja and pureed everything. Once pureed I put them through the siv getting rid of the seeds and skin. Once done I add the 2 cups of sugar and then hard boiled the mixture until it became jellied then I canned it all. I made 1 full pint and 4 small 8oz jars!

Happy Canning!



I’m Back!

Well folks I am sorry for my absence these last few months but there has been a ton going on.. Some good and some not so good put we are working through things. It has been a tough run this year but we have some absolutely wonderful things to look forward to in the up coming months. Let’s start with my most exciting at least for me anyway. I am going to be the auntie to twins in the next couple of weeks! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself but I most certainly am going to. That was order number one,

Now for order #2 you will be a to catch The Lake View Crafts at Uconn Health Center’s Holiday Bazzar on Friday November 8th from 8 am to 3:30pm.

Order #3 over the summer The Lake View Crafts has made a major jump. Incase some folks are worried about purchasing on line or may want to test the product first you may certainly do. If you are local that is! You can now purchase them at Nature’s Day Spa in Plainville, Ct. How awesome is that! So please lets support our friends and organic products and go out and support them!

My Final and last order #4 please stay tooned to Etsy.com where as there will be some new products going up not just lip balm this time! We are heading into our winter seasons and you will now be able to get some hats and scarves and even some fun pillow friends and accessories!

Well that is all I have for you at this time! I can’t wait to see what the end of this year hold for me and what the New Year that is coming so fast is going to bring! Stay tooned!

Etsy.com Shop Promotion

Hey Everyone,

Today’s post isn’t really a post it is about a promotion that is taking place on the the Etsy shop over the next week. For every tube of Lip Balm that is sold there will be a $1.00 donated to the victims of the Boston Marathon.  

Please visit: Etsy.com and then search thelakeview.

Please keep the promotion in mind when checking out the shop!


Color Me Rad

So yesterday was a big for me and my husband most of our friends. We ran out first 5k race and it wasn’t just a race it was it was a Color me Rad run… And just it is just like the color run. Wow what an experiance that was I had such a great time… so here are a few pictures! Hope that you all enjoy!


Home Made Ice Cream

So, I am thinking that I am a little off with my posts, but I just wanted to share because it made me super excited. So every so often I get an urge to try making something different. My husband on the other hand is always kind of reluctant to try it, but 99.9% of the time he loves it. Here is a good one for you in that regards. Needless to say that when he tried it he ate half the jar and I got one bite out of it!

We had some friends visit and we were making juice from our juicer out of some fresh strawberry for  (Which were amazing) and she had mentioned that the juice and the leftovers would be great in ice cream. My friend proceeded to tell me how easy it was. So then naturaly I became curious and started doing some research. Since I don’t have an ice cream maker I didn’t realize that there was another way. But I do have a Kitchen aid I don’t have the ice cream maker attachment, but I certainly made it work. And let me tell you the Ice Cream is amazing best part I made it some what dairy free so that I can eat it.

Here are some picture of the process I used but my computer did a freeze and I lost the recipie but once I find it again I will sure share it with you!

This was for mango strawberry ice cream